Generative Art

Generative Art computing uses software to make varied and unexpected images.

Some of my Glitch and Bot projects could be regarded as Generative Art, and some of them are based on projects listed here.

I wrote about Generative Art for issue 3 of Vague Terrain Journal in 2006.


Composition Generators, 2012, Processing.js .

Code that generates catalogues of canonical mdoernist-looking art.


[Original image by Tommerton2010 CC-BY]
Baldessarinator, 2011, Python script.

A facial recognition technology-based program that modifies images to make them resemble part of an ouvre.


Like That, 2007, Processing code.

Processing versions of earlier Java, C and PostScript image generators from the mid 1990s inspired by the yBAs and their European precedents.


paintr image 804
Original image by jessjamesjake.
Paintr, 2005/2013, PHP code (later Lisp code) reimplemented in node.js .

A network services era model of of almost precisely how artistic inspiration doesn’t work. See it on tumblr.


draw-something, 2004-, Common Lisp code, later JavaScript code.

draw-something is a generative drawing program inspired by Harold Cohen’s AARON. It is based on simple models of line drawing, figure creation, and colour choice. You can see the output of an instance of the current JavaScript version on tumblr.


minara, 2003-2006, C and Scheme code.

An Emacs-inspired “Lisp code all the way down” graphics editor for generative drawing.