Art Data

The art of data and the data of art.



Streaming Aesthetics, 2010/2014, Processing and Python code.

The art of web-scale realtime aesthetics.



Contemporary Art Daily Data Analysis, 2014, R code.

Using digital humanities methods to examine an expression of the contemporary artworld’s self-image.


Tate Data Visualization, 2014, JavaScript and R code.

Visualizing the Tate’s Open Data collections dataset.


Cemetary Random Walk

Psychogeodata, 2011, Python code.

Psychogeography plus Geodata gives us Psychogeodata.


Exploring Art Data, 2010-2014.

Exploring Art Data was a series of Digital Art History (Art History Computing) blog posts from 2010-2012.


The Colours In My Studio

The Colours In My Studio, 2009, Python and JavaScript code.

A simple “Internet Of Things” data visualisation of the play of light in my studio during the course of the day.