draw-something, 2004-, Common Lisp code, later JavaScript code.

A generative drawing program inspired by Harold Cohen’s AARON, based on simple models of line drawing, figure creation, and colour choice.


paintr image 804
Original image by jessjamesjake.

Paintr, 2005/2013, PHP code (later Lisp code) reimplemented in node.js .

A model of of almost precisely how artistic inspiration doesn’t work.



The Cybernetic Artworld, 2009/2015, Common Lisp code, later Python code, now node.js code.

A micro-artworld that is a simple and almost entirely incorrect model of the real one.


random aesthetics microbloggers

Random Aesthetics, 2009/2014, Common Lisp code, then Python code, now JavaScript code.

Microblog bots that place aesthetics in the social graph as peers.