Aesthetics Satire

In the Anon. Meeting Of Mined

Oh fuck not semiotics.Semitotics is a “geddit???” after somebody else’s joke. If you have to explain the joke you kill it. What you kill you gain the power of.Semiotics is the cold dead hand of the bad ventriloquist. It is ideological formalism. It is the fractality of discourse written only in ink.Semiotics is semantic management. You get to define the terms and to evaluate your own performance through others against them. And to claim the surplus as your own creation.There is nothing wrong with significatory exegesis. It can be illuminating. There is nothing wrong with sociohistorically situating significatory exegesis. Freud collapses when the text of his discourse is deconstructed against the text (sic) of his life. I enjoy a good hard deconstruction, particularly with an improving book.Creating art specifically for semiopsy is fetishistic, indeed it is pornographic. This is unfair on pornography, which is system of signs the density, interiority and indexicality of which postmodern art can only dream of, but it is accurate. Semiowankery is not good art, semiowankerywankery is not good criticism.They do not often survive deconstruction.