Ironised CC Licenses (BY-NC)


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2 comments on “Ironised CC Licenses (BY-NC)
  1. So, these stickers are unencumbered by the need for permission to promote, yet still require permission for their inescapably commercial use.
    (However, are they original works and thus copyrightable?)
    I think you missed the better ironisation.
    I’m thinking you need to find art whose promotion is intrinsically commercial – but becomes impotent if permission is required for commercial use.
    How about “Introduce a friend and get a $500 cash reward”? Or similar?
    Apologies if this one has whooshed over my head without me realing it. You artists can be such inscrutable blighters sometimes. 😉

  2. Rob Myers says:

    I allege that my expression of these ideas are copyrightable. 😉
    Chain-letter type works are going to be the NC-SA examples. 🙂