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2 thoughts to “Ironised CC Licenses (BY-NC)

  • Crosbie Fitch

    So, these stickers are unencumbered by the need for permission to promote, yet still require permission for their inescapably commercial use.
    (However, are they original works and thus copyrightable?)
    I think you missed the better ironisation.
    I’m thinking you need to find art whose promotion is intrinsically commercial – but becomes impotent if permission is required for commercial use.
    How about “Introduce a friend and get a $500 cash reward”? Or similar?
    Apologies if this one has whooshed over my head without me realing it. You artists can be such inscrutable blighters sometimes. 😉

  • Rob Myers

    I allege that my expression of these ideas are copyrightable. 😉
    Chain-letter type works are going to be the NC-SA examples. 🙂

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