Pipe, 2012, 3D printable digital model.

You can download the files from Gitorious.

Or you can download them from Thingiverse and share images of your own prints and remixes there.

Commissioned by me and modelled by the ultra-talented Chris Webber. Chris retains the copyright on it and has placed it under the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0 Licence.

One reply on “Pipe”

Hi Rob,
We find your Project with object who could be multiply as something epochal important.As far as we could see that must be part of some ‘corporative’ system/to take deserved place,and money,of course/,but ‘corporative’ doesn’t mean old form of corporation,that could be system like ‘Creative Commons…’or something.Finally – TECHNE have appropriate *real* in form…or ‘corpus delicti’/:-)/. In hiatuses between market art,foundation art,post-post-modern art…name it…we could see shape of new formal logical system formalized in precise process of elaboration and production.Congratulations!
Best wishes
Marija and Nikola

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