Like That 2020

Like That 2020, 2019, JavaScript code

Coloured (or colourless) cubes endlessly burst out (or rush together) into unique compositions.

Conceptually and aesthetically the series is about the interplay of ideology and perceptual experience in time. The names of each piece reflect (often ironically) ideological concerns from the time period they were made during from the mid-1990s to the late 2010s. Visually they invoke the perceptual experience of walking or driving, or watching the world go by, through the filters of different ways of seeing. Each composition is an event or a thing or an appearance. It’s irresistible to see the coloured (or colourless) blocks used as simple thing-like objects as somehow related to “blockchain” technology, although they predate that technology by over a decade. They are bounding volumes, level-of-detail or rendering placeholders, logistical packages, modernist cubes. They move with similar simplicity, aleatorically choreographed along lines in time and space.


Source code: