Bad Shibe

Story by Rob Myers
Illustrations by Lina Theodorou
Afterword by Ruth Catlow

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Such future. Very crypto. Much catastrophe. Wow.

“Bad Shibe is a sci-fi novella set in a future society that may or may not be based on a descendant of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, where it’s as hot and as dusty as a virtual money mining rig. A trusting young shibe called YS questions the basis of their utopia and their place within it and feels … bad.
The story invites us to imagine what kind of society emerges when a system designed to verify the transfer of digital assets is combined with a world where reputation is based on “followers” and “likes”. The story deals with the implications of a new wave of fully financialised planetary-scale automation and the struggle to discern right from wrong when human and machine agency merges.”

Get ready:

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