Aesthetic Governance

Aesthetic Properties Rationally Allocated, 2015-2019, Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Ethereum smart contracts containing aesthetic properties that can be set using various strategies.

Works In The Series

Staking Ratio, 2019.

A ratio of two amounts of Ether cryptocurrency staked by users. Value determines value, further destroying the information that money destroys to represent it.

Pay Previous Path, 2019.

“Pay Previous Path” allows anyone to store a vector drawing (encoded in a style similar to the SVG path line-art format) on the Ethereum blockchain in return for paying a small fee to the previous person who did so.

Hack Line Properties, 2019.

“Hack Line Properties” is a supposedly secure blockchain smart contract designed to allow only its owner to update the line stroke properties that it stores. But a common Ethereum code bug allows anyone who finds it to “hack” the contract and set the line properties themselves.

Proof of Work Bitmap, 2019.

Proof of Work Bitmap displays a 16×16 pixel monochrome bitmap that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. To edit it you must run code similar to that used by cryptocurrency “mining” and submit the results to the blockchain to prove your good faith.

Token Grid, 2019.

The grid is a Modernist icon, this one exists on the Ethereum blockchain with a graphical user interface accessible via the world wide web. In contrast to the fixed grids of city streets and architectural structures, anyone can change it but only if they are willing to procure and then burn one of the grid smart contract’s ERC-20 digital tokens in order to do so.

Lottery Symbol, 2017.

A graphical symbol on the blockchain, set via submission to a simple lottery.

Democratic Palette, 2016.

A palette of twelve colours that anyone can set on the Ethereum blockchain. Every vote for every colour is tracked and the top twelve make up the palette.

Source Code

You can get the source code for each here and here.