Where’s Rob?

I’m working on reviews for Furtherfield, having long conversations about digital art on Rhizome, reading William Gibson, and learning Rails, Open Inventor and Second Life.

I’m also hacking on some data visualization code (you’ve seen the patterns on this blog) but I’m not sure whether that’s going anywhere. I think 1968/1969 may be my ultimate statement on data visualization. They have the critical distance and irony that a straight piece of data visualization lacks, whatever its input.

Like That is struggling to break through the Processing barrier. I can’t think of a language that Like That would be easy in, but it certainly isn’t Processing. Maybe I can switch to JavaScript or OpenFrameworks. I’ve sworn to just use whatever tools do the job at the time, so I’m looking at OpenSim, but when there are no good tools that doesn’t help.

I need a project that I can just do.

If you are on MySpace please make friends with a colour or a shape or a compositional principle that you like. Friending The Aesthetic needs friends…