rob-art: Full Screen
Drawings by a fullscreen application version of draw-something (OpenMCL Lisp, MacOSX Carbon), after the AARON screensaver. It’s fascinating to watch a program drawing. One image is drawn around ten points, the other is around thirty.

Wikimedia Commons
A Free Culture repository from the people who bring you Wikipedia:

Wikimedia Commons.

Not sure about the Monet postcards but there’s lots of good stuff in there.

This is the project that contains the CC-BY-SA Illustrations I linked to yesterday. There’s work there under various licenses and in various media.

Some Good Projects..
…that I’m not just mentioning because they link to me. 🙂

Kinetoh. Gorgeous high-resolution procedural abstracts. Much finer and more engaging than that description implies.

Teleculture. Excellent digital culture and art weblog. What this blog wants to be when it grows up.

I wish I understood maths better
I wish I understood maths better:

The Algorithm For Some Engaging Images.

It’s always good to see people explaining “how they do it”.

TomC’s Processing Sketchbook
I love the fact that Processing provides source code for work by default. Dataisnature mentioned this a while ago but it’s good enough to take another look:

TomC’s Processing Sketchbook.

I’ve finally bitten the Processing bullet and I’m working on a version of my old pieces Ghosts/Subjects with a view to taking them further.

Where Is The Art Commons?
A year ago I placed all my art under a Creative Commons license. I assumed that other people would follow suit. But they haven’t. Where is all the other Creative Commons licensed art?
Ultimately, I feel like Rauschenberg knocking on DeKooning’s door to ask for a drawing to erase. License just one work. You’ll lose some part of it, but you’ll be contributing to something more. And, unlike DeKooning, you may get more back in return.

CC-BY-SA Illustrations
CC-BY-SA Illustrations from Wikimedia, including a CC’d aardvark character for children’s books:

Maybe I should SA the characters from my graphic novel…

Greenberg and Lyotard
Interesting post on Greenberg and Lyotard:

The Owl of Minerva: All Flights Cancelled.

Remix Reading on Boing Boing
Remix Reading got a mention on Boing Boing:

RR on BB.

Live Coding
I first found out about the idea of Live Coding, hacking running code live onstage to generate music and visuals, from an O’Reilley article mentioned on Slashdot.

The article.

Toplap are the Live Coding masters. They’ve featured at a number of shows.

Toplap’s web site.

Other groups are springing up, such as Openlab, who seem less hardcore about coding live?

Openlab’s web site .

Can you really code live? I don’t know. Can you really jam live?