Trip Hop Art (Poetics [A Decade On])

Blur (focus), uneven lighting, dust on the plane, dust in the volume, fading & yellowing of pigments due to ‘age’, creasing & scratching of the support, tearing & crumpling of the support, crak(l)ing/blooming/yellowing of varnish, fading of edges, photographic grain, canvas/paper texture, halftone, digital pixels & quantisation, compression artefacts, water stains, coffee cup rings, lens flare, video blurriness, video generation degredation, black&white reproduction, b&w halftone, bad colour halftoning, 50’s red, 70’s yellow, 80’s green & blue

The drum track has static and scratches. This is the lowest level of the music suffering the most basic ironisation. Static/scratches on vinyl are also inherently rhythmic.
Instruments are obvious samples retaining their recording (spatial and temporal) quality, or made too bright/bassy to ensure distance (ironisation).
The vocals are brought close, their raw qualities emphasised, the edges sent of the top of the meter.
Gavin Turk’s rusty mirrored cubes.
Fiona Rae (no noise, though?).

The noise becomes part of the signal.