Galerie Default

Galerie Default, 2019, blockchain-based virtual world environment.

Galerie Default is a gallery in the Virtual Reality of the Ethereum blockchain-based “CryptoVoxels” system.

Voxels are three dimensional pixels popularized by Minecraft – think of them as virtual building blocks. CryptoVoxels stores the ownership of plots of virtual land in a voxel space and allows their owners to build on them. Galerie Default was built using one of the default building templates that CryptoVoxels provide, hence its name.

CryptoVoxels provides support for displaying images of Ethereum ERC 721 non-fugible-token-based art in virtual picture frames, allowing galleries such as Galerie Default to show one kind of virtual, digitally scare resource within another.

The opening show, seen above, is of “Tokens Equal Text“.