Free Culture

Free culture art is art that respects and protects your freedom of expression.

My “Shareable Readymades” are an explicit comment on the way art’s economics interacts with cultural liberty.

My Art Bots and Generative Art projects also use and generate free cultural works.

I contributed the essay “Open Source Art Again” to the excellent FLOSS+Art book, you can find the original post it was expanded from here.


The Mona Lisa Of Disapproval, 2012, SVG images.

The Mona Lisa disapproves.


Price Tag
CC Ironies, 2007, digital vector images.

Parodies of some of the excesses of free culture licensing and its critics.


Canto (For Liam, Version)
Canto, 2007, digital vector images.

Pictures from the end of a relationship, created by remixing vector autotrace artefacts from an image by Tom Chance.


Keep It Real
1969, 2004, digital vector images.

Remixed nuclear attack simulation diagrams.


1968, 2004, digital vector images.

Recoloured nuclear attack simulation diagrams.


San Jose, 2000, digital vector images.

Colours and forms from my first visit to Silicon Valley.


Three Happy
Smileys, 1997, digital bitmap images.

Relationships rendered in emoticons.


300 Degrees Of Sheep
Inbetween Cities, 1995, digital vector images and digital bitmap images.

Looking out over the landscape as you travel through it at speed towards your destination…


Blobs, 1994, digital vector images.

The free play of forms increasingly inspired by love and desire. The imagery and colours draw on smileys/emoticons, on graphic design for popular music, and on confectionery wrappers.


Way Out
Psychetecture, 1994, digital vector images.

They said everything was a text…


Mixes, 1993, digital images.

These would be called Mashups now. They sample and combine what was then considered to be canonical British contemporary art in order to create visual and conceptual relationships between, interrogating and critiquing them and making something new.