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Bitcoin Symbols

Coffe Shop Table

Laptop – 433C, 0.2mGTable – 483C, 0.02mGCup – Cool Gray 1C, 0.05mGHot Chocolate – 504C, 0.075mGHand – 7590C, 0.01mG

Sketchblog – Offline

A bit of a throwback to “1968”, although with nowhere to go at the moment. A warm-up exercise…

This Is It – Work In Progress

“This Is It” is currently at the five-finger-excercise stage.  These forms will lead to forms that do what I want, and then I will be able to work out what it was that I wanted to do. 😉

Notes For Two Reviews

When I’m at an art show I’m going to review, or as soon as possible after leaving it, I take notes. These may be taken in low-light conditions, on the last train of the night, under the influence of complimentary


Life Drawings

Life drawings in the flickr photostream on this blog (if you’re reading it on the web site).I’m only posting the ones where I have permission from the model. Or, in this case, a request to do so.

Colour Cells

Randomly coloured grids from colour-cells, my standalone re-implementation of AARON’s new colouring algorithm as described by Harold Cohen. Here’s an example of the debugging output of a run: CL-USER> (colour-cells:run)Starting (7 ‘MH 8 ‘HH)Colour Scheme:hues:LEAF 0.17177725 VEIN 0.43423924 BLADE

More Sketches

Flickr: Rob Myers More sketches. I must get a flickr widget for this blog.


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