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Word2Vec is a word vector system that has received attention for the way that mathematical operations on the vectors it generates give meaningful results. To take an example from an article on Word2Vec: vec(“king”) – vec(“man”) + vec(“woman”) =~ vec(“queen”)


dcrun -u rpcuser -w rpcpassword DCvDS9g9VUZ94MSLbWi4zWRtxHrXeEctZ3 Hello World! Cryptographic asset tokens can represent all kinds of things. Including computer programs. Introducing…: Dogecode (There are several other projects called Dogecode. This isn’t them). Dogecode takes computer programs in the Brainfuck programming


I have placed my soul on the blockchain, representing it as a cryptographic asset token. The MYSOUL token is on the Dogecoin blockchain as a Dogeparty asset: I’ve divided it up into 100 units. This is more efficient that

Work In Progress: Some Art

“Some Art”, html5 canvas and JavaScript animation, 2014. Work in progress.

Fear Of Smart Contracts

Babylon, 1772BC, about tea time. King Hammurabi is explaining the idea of laws to several learned persons. Hammurabi: So these laws will regulate how we go about our business in society, backed by the coercive power of the state. Learned

Object Oriented Ontology Critique Response Generator

You’re missing the point. New Response


Monkeycoin is the follow-up to Facecoin. It is a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency that uses trying to write the complete works of Shakespeare as its proof of work. You can find out more here.

Proof Of Existence 2

I have placed the hash of “God” into the Bitcoin Blockchain: SHA256: ebc3e2e6448f94af7b58e57658336a44d3ff44eafadb54e4c4cd71ba7e607594 Address: 163NUfEg61eJeNiQ9SyN6EDT1ynkzDL2ar This proves that God exists.

Surgical Strike Update

I’ve updated the 2008 remake of my 1996 artistic programming language “Surgical Strike” to compile on modern versions of GNU/Linux. It makes things like this from stealth bombers and old computer company logos: incoming! codeword blim manouver 0 18


Facecoin, 2014, HTML5 and JavaScript. Click here to run a visualization in your web browser. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use a “proof of work” system to prevent abuse. Artworks are proofs of aesthetic work. Facecoin uses machine pareidolia as