Post 2002

My 2000th post was Fair Use Wins In Richard Prince Decision , but I didn’t notice at the time. Post 2001 was, fittingly enough, about Billy Idol’s “Cyberpunk” Promo Floppy .

The first post on this blog, Hello World , was published just over ten years ago on April 15th 2003. So this is a double approximate anniversary.

Blogging helped me to practice my writing and promote my art. I wouldn’t have become a Furtherfield reviewer without it. As the net moves on to shorter form writing in walled gardens, I think I’m going to stick with blogging.


I’m alive and very happy but incredibly busy. I have lots that I want to blog. Hopefully soon…

Laptop Advice

If your laptop won’t boot, and just shows a blinking cursor, don’t waste a day reinstalling the OS and taking it apart.

Just pull the SD card out that you’ve forgotten about and that it’s failing to boot from…


Thanks Matt!

A big thank you to the ever excellent Matt Lee for all his hard work on transferring my web site to WordPress!


“Railing” refers to “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode, “True Faith” by New Order, “Ash Wednesday” and “Gerontion”by T.S. Eliot, and a large stuffed toy tiger in a living room. Sometimes in the same line.

“Running For The Gates” refers to every time I wasn’t shot while at an airport, specifically to being late for a connecting flight for SXSW, and to being too tired to answer the phone.

“Wide Of The Mark” refers to NASA’s Genesis probe, Gerontion again and “The Waste Land”, “A Design For Life” by the Manic Street Preachers, “Dominion”, “This Corrosion” and “Some Kind Of Stranger” by The Sisters Of Mercy, “Like Eating Glass” by Bloc Party, and “Slow Hands” by Interpol.

“Kindness” refers to “Railing”, “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” by Rod Stewart as performed by Everything But The Girl, and Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”. Almost.

I may even publish the rest of these some day.


Did he let you down
In the end
Did you know where
He was taking you
Did you hope to
Turn again
Did the tiger
Say his name

And when I see him
I’ll ask him again
And when I see him
I’ll ask him again
And when I see him
I’ll ask him again
And when I see him
I’ll ask him again

Did you hope to see
The morning sun
Did you see through
What you’d begun
Did you know
Or understand
Was he there to
Hold your hand

And when I see him
I’ll ask him again
And when I see him
I’ll ask him again
And when I see him
I’ll ask him again
And when I see him
I’ll ask him again

Organization, Man

This blog is over seven years old. Some of the best writing on it, posts that I refer people to and that I refer to myself even now, dates back five years or more. A blog isn’t the best format for organizing that kind of material. I think I’m going to format it up as a philosophy section, and possibly some kind of (e-)book.

The Art (And Code, And Writing) Happens Here


Blue Ant

2010-08-05 16.54.57.jpg

“She pulled out a molded vinyl figure of the Blue Ant ant. […]
It had a determined smirk, the expression of a cartoon underdog fully aware of its own secret status as a superhero. Its posture conveyed that too, arms slightly bent at its sides, fists balled, feet in a martial artist’s ready T-stance.”

– Spook Country, William Gibson, 2007.

Tomorrow I start a new job.

I was at my last job for six years, so this is quite a change.
I’m kinda excited.