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Problems to be Isolated, Described and Discussed

A & L developed slowly and untidily around a consensus that there were historical and objective problems which could be isolated and described, and thus discussed. This is what distinguished and distinguishes A & L from other artists or artistic formations. A & L saw these problems as matters to be articulated by work, rather than as professional aspects of their social lives to be adopted only once they had left the studio. Conversation, discussion, and conceptualisation became their primary practice, as art.

– p22, “A Provisional History of Art & Language”, Charles Harrison & Fred Orton.

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“Railing” refers to “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode, “True Faith” by New Order, “Ash Wednesday” and “Gerontion”by T.S. Eliot, and a large stuffed toy tiger in a living room. Sometimes in the same line.

“Running For The Gates” refers to every time I wasn’t shot while at an airport, specifically to being late for a connecting flight for SXSW, and to being too tired to answer the phone.

“Wide Of The Mark” refers to NASA’s Genesis probe, Gerontion again and “The Waste Land”, “A Design For Life” by the Manic Street Preachers, “Dominion”, “This Corrosion” and “Some Kind Of Stranger” by The Sisters Of Mercy, “Like Eating Glass” by Bloc Party, and “Slow Hands” by Interpol.

“Kindness” refers to “Railing”, “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” by Rod Stewart as performed by Everything But The Girl, and Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”. Almost.

I may even publish the rest of these some day.


Excellent Songs Of The 1990s That I Would Be Amazed If You Had Heard

“Too Scared” – Sunshot
“My Mind Must Be Free” – Utah Saints
“Cut” – Miranda Sex Garden
“Pearly” – Radiohead
“Everyone Everywhere” – New Order

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if and iff

Logical if (→) and iff (↔) are doing my head in.

→ is if, the “conditional connective”. A → B means that A can be true only if B is true.

So → is false when A is true despite B being false. But otherwise it’s true. Because we don’t care about those scenarios. I don’t know why. I suppose otherwise it would just be ∧ . I’m going to have to just accept this like the dot product, which also doesn’t fit into my mathematical worldview, which is based on cakes.

↔ is iff, the “biconditional connective”. A ↔ B is equivalent to [(A → B) ∧ (B → A)].

See? It’s bi-conditional. So ↔ is false when A → B ∧ (B → A), or B → A ∧ (A → B) . Possibly I can come to terms with → as half of ↔ .

Next: the Axiom Schema Of Separation and how you can’t model that using cakes either.

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Dance Notation


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Work1852-65, oil on canvasFord Maddox Brown (1821-93)


Conte Carres

Carres are generally B hardness.So black B Carres should be about the same hardness as other colours.Great Art do them in the UK.