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Projects From 2011

Urinal: Balloon Dog: Exploring Art Data: Art Open Data: The Colours In My Studio: Streaming Aesthetics (Shape): Send Values: Baldessarinator: Uploads: The R Cultural Analytics Library: Psychogeodata: Mona Lisa

2011 Links

Since last April I’ve been posting collections of links to Netbehaviour . These are links that I’ve found during my web browsing that are on the subject of art, technology and society. I try to arrange them to create associations

Art Open Data Links

Jonathan Gray’s slides on “Open Data in the Arts and Humanities”: Ben Werdmuller von Elgg’s blog post “Open data in the arts: an introduction”: Culture Grid Hack day (now delayed until early next year):

Links Quantitative Aesthetics: the most popular colours in the web’s brand logos. “I have just created a google group about hierohacking: the goal of this group will be to discuss applied neurotheology, see how we can “hack the sacred”,

Links Roundup 2010-03-26

Miguel de Icaza acknowledges Mono’s past problems with patents, but not its current ones – Theora is not more of a patent threat than h246, Gruber 😉 – Gruber’s Theora journey continues (answers to his questions – because

Steampunk Primary Sources II

More PDFs (and sometimes epubs) of original Victorian and Edwardian books of interest to Steampunks. See part one here, and how these books were found here. Automata (1893) Automobiles (1900) Babbage On The Difference Engine (1864) Engineering

Wikimedia Hates Art I have a lot of respect for the Wikimedia Foundation, everyone I’ve met from it have been great people and I use their software and projects daily. I was proud to take part in the Wikipedia Loves Art event

Script to Convert rms-essays to Plucker Format

#!/bin/bash# Copyright 2009 Rob Myers <[email protected]># Licenced under the GPL 3 or, at your option, any later version.# Produce a Plucker version of Free Software, Free Society# Some texinfo errors not fixed# Convert eps images to GIFsconvert images/clib.eps images/clib.gifconvert images/code.eps

FLOSS Manuals To Plucker

#!/bin/bash# Copyright 2009 Rob Myers # Licenced under the GPL version 3 or, at your option, any later version.if [ “$1” == “” ]; then echo “Please enter name of manual directory on server (e.g. FlossManuals).” echo “You can find

links for 2007-11-21

Ghost of a flea: Wolf Cave “It appears the birthplace of Rome’s founders, Romulus and Remus, has been unearthed. “ (tags: rome wolves cave)