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We can use NLTK’s support for WordNet to help generate and classify text. from nltk.corpus import wordnet as wn from nltk.corpus import sentiwordnet as swn def make_synset(word, category=’n’, number=’01’): “””Conveniently make a synset””” number = int(number) return wn.synset(‘%s.%s.%02i’ % (word,

Artworld Ethereum – Identity, Ownership and Authenticity

Ethereum is a distributed computing system for writing and executing smart contracts. Inspired by Bitcoin, it’s currently in development with a planned late 2014 release date. The term “smart contracts” was coined around 1993 by computer scientist Nick Szabo to

Bluetooth Throwies

LED throwies are light grafitti Improvised Aesthetic Devices: They cost around a dollar each to make. Bluetooth 4 beacons cost a lot more and don’t transmit much information. But good-old-fashioned Bluetooth devices transmit at least a human readable name.

Building The Kobo Reader Sources

I’ve covered this before, but the Kobo Reader sources have changed, so here’s an updated guide to installing and building them. Create the directory structure: cd mkdir kobo cd kobo mkdir fs mkdir tmp Fetch the Kobo Reader sources: git

3D Printing Sigils

Sigil CC-BY-SA by bwigfield. In chaos magick, sigils are visual embodiments of intent used to focus and actualize that intent. Within both supernatural and cognitive theories of magic the principle is the same: sigils are foci for attracting the resources

GNU/Linux Kobo Build Environment Setup

I’ve bought a Kobo Touch ebook reader device to hack on. This guide to setting up a build environment for the Kobo is good: The only change I’ve found you have to make to build the examples is to

Connecting To LambdaMOO Persistently

It’s easy to connect to LambdaMOO whenever you wish from mobile devices or desktop computers, but you can miss out on what’s happening when you’re not online. If you have a desktop computer that you keep permanently online you can

MakerBot Replicator: What I Have Learnt So Far

Here’s what I’ve learnt about the practical side of using my MakerBot Replicator so far. If you have a dual extrusion system, make sure the two extrusion nozzles are exactly the same height when you first install them. You may

Psychogeodata (3/3)

The examples of Psychogeodata given so far have used properties of the geodata graph and of street names to guide generation of Dérive. There are many more ways that Psychogeodata can be processed, some as simple as those already discussed,

Psychogeodata (2/3)

Geodata represents maps as graphs of nodes joined by edges (…as points joined by lines). This is a convenient representation for processing by computer software. Other data can be represented in this way, including words and their relationships. We can