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CryptoPuppers CryptoPuppers (2018), blockchain-registered gold plated metal cast from 3D printed model, inkjet prints. This new incarnation of Rob Myers’ classic work “Balloon Dog, Shareable Readymade”, originally commissioned by Furtherfield, comprises an edition of 1000 miniature gold balloon dog sculptures

Urinal At Cabaret Voltaire

(Image via ) Cabaret Voltaire hosted an event to celebrate the centenary of Dada led by McKenzie Wark. It featuring 3D printing including the Urinal: Afterwards a print of the Urinal showed up in the gift shop:

Shareable Readymades At London Art Fair

Furtherfield are taking the Shareable Readymades to London Art Fair this week, they’re for sale for Bitcoin and GBP. Who’d like a solid gold urinal?

Shareable Readymades At “Common Property”

Antonio Roberts, Dead Copyright, 2015. Courtesy the artist. Jerwood Encounters: Common Property 15 JANUARY – 21 FEBRUARY 2016 EDWIN BURDIS/ HANNAH KNOX/ ROB MYERS/ OWEN G. PARRY/ ANTONIO ROBERTS/ SUPERFLEX Curated by Hannah Pierce, Jerwood Encounters: Common Property seeks to

About Shareable Readymades

(Image by Furtherfield Gallery, Licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial) The formerly transgressive gesture of the readymade and the assisted readymade – nominating or recreating a non-art object as art – has long since been recuperated by the artworld. The junkyard urinals

Shareable Readymades Watch

(Image by Paul Ros, Licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial) Here’s Pipe in Furtherfield‘s show “The Human Face of Economics“, along with Urinal and Balloon Dog. You can buy one from them along with a certificate of inauthenticity. The 3D Additivist Manifesto

Shareable Readymades For Bitcoin Furtherfield present the Art Data Money special edition range of Shareable Readymades available to buy for Bitcoin or fiat currency (such as pounds sterling). Supplied with Certificate of Inauthenticity, signed by the artist (me).

What is Art History Made of?

(#arthistory hashtag held in front of a man walking down a street in New York describing the work of Taryn Simon, 2013, Charlotte Frost) “I wanted to draw attention to the physicality of art historical statements whether they are

The work of art in the age of 3D printed reproduction

An excellent article on 3D printing art at MakeTank starts with my shareable readymads: “While Myers’ work has yet to be displayed in a major museum – and that is not his point – a recent installation at the Andy

Rainbow Urinals

Thanks to Art Fag City, some beautifully coloured Urinal prints from 3D Printer Experience in Chicago: This is exactly the kind of outcome of digital distribution that I was hoping for, and I love AFC, so I’m really happy to see