Blockchain Aesthetics

Blockchain Aesthetics, 2014-2015, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Visualizing Bitcoin blockchain transactions – click on each image to run in your browser.

Bitcoin transactions rendered as a rows of coloured squares. Each byte of the 32-byte transaction hash is rendered as a square of colour from a 256-colour palette:


Transactions rendered as paragraphs consisting of words from a standard list:


Each transaction hash rendered as a 16×16 1-bit bitmap (original Macintosh-style, 1 is black):


Transactions rendered as spots of colour from a 256-colour palette:


Transactions rendered as drawings of lines connecting x,y co-ordinate pairs taken from the low and high 4 bits in each 8-bit byte in the 32-byte transaction hash. Each transaction is joined to the next as part of the same continuous drawing:


As above, with a face recognition algorithm used to find any collections of pixels that accidentally resemble faces. These are outlined in red:


Each hash as instructions for a turtle graphics pen:


Life games with each hash as the starting board state:


A Chernoff Face of each hash:


Cellular automata with each hash as the initial row:


Quadratic curves with the bytes of each hash as the control point co-ordinates:


You can get the code here:

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