Artworld Ethereum

Artworld Ethereum, 2014, Ethereum DApps.

Ethereum is a Bitcoin-style system for implementing “smart contracts”, a very literal take on Lawrence Lessig’s idea that code is law. Smart contracts can be used to implement smart property, physical goods governed by computer code, and Distributed Autonomous Organizations, which replace written constitutions with code running on Ethereum’s Blockchain.

We can apply this technology to the production, exhibition, critique and institutions of art. And we can apply art and its historical strategies of engagement with questions of property, ownership, organization, distribution and so on to the critique of the technology and ideology that Ethereum represents.

For a practical overview of the possibilities see here:


And for historical and theoretical context see here:

Works In The Series

Blank Canvas, 2016.

A blank canvas that anyone can set the colour of on the Ethereum blockchain.


Art Market, 2014, Ethereum DApp.

A complete system for registering and selling otherwise un-ownable digital art online.


Art Is, 2014, Ethereum DApp.

A system for defining art that uses economic incentives to ensure that people make their best arguments.


Is Art, 2014, Ethereum DApp.

Another democratized nod to classic conceptual and contractual art.


Hot/Cold, 2014, Ethereum DApp.

A nod to classic conceptual art, democratized.

Source Code

You can get the source code here and here.