With the release of Debian 10, it is possible to build Monado on Debian in order to use the OpenXR SDK with headsets supported by OpenHMD.

Hopefully this means a future OpenXR-enabled Firefox will work with them as well.

In the meantime we can at least run the hello_xr demo. Here’s how…

Build and install OpenHMD:


Build and install Monado:


Build the OpenXR SDK:


OpenXR-SDK currently ignores XR_RUNTIME_JSON and looks in .config rather than looking
in .local/share where Monado installs its runtime configuration json file.

To fix this, run:

ln -s ~/.config/openxr/0/openxr_monado.json ~/.config/openxr/0/active_runtime.json

To set the Rift to non-desktop (before each run, if not set in the kernel), run:

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --prop --set non-desktop 1

If needed you can check this by running:

xrandr --prop

Then to run the OpenXR-SDK hello_xr demo, run the following in the OpenXR-SDK directory:

./build/linux_debug/src/tests/hello_xr/hello_xr -g Vulkan

Which will show the pocket universe captured in a screenshot the top of this post in your VR headset.