Month: January 2016

Artworld Ethereum with Truffle & Meteor

I’ve started moving my Ethereum projects to Truffle (Pudding) and Meteor, getting ready to deploy them to the live network.

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Ethereum: Truffle + Meteor

Meteor is the recommended development framework for Ethereum dApps. Truffle is Consensys’ development ┬ásystem for Ethereum dApps. We cannot currently add a Meteor build phase to Truffle, but we can integrate them easily enough with a script. Install Meteor, Truffle

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Artwork Of The Century

Great at the London Art fair – Rob Myers ‘Artwork of the Century’ shareable ready-mades with ‘Certificate of Inauthenticity’ (Image and quote – Bruno Martelli.)

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Artworks And Curation On The Blockchain

Artworks and curation can both take place on or be represented on the blockchain. Artworks can be stored directly as data on the Bitcoin blockchain or represented by various proxy schemes. Curation of digital artworks for exhibition online or in

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Neterarti – Net Art Social Networking Freedom

(Image via Marc Garrett) Neterarti is Furtherfield‘s new social network for net artists based on the GNU social Free Software social network system. If you’re familiar with Twitter it’s very similar, and it’s easy to access via the web

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Play Art Data Money at London Art Fair

“Bunnybots – Cryptoart for art angels” at London Art Fair. Play and remix here – Furtherfield mention my work and Primavera di Filippi as influences. ­čÖé

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Shareable Readymades At London Art Fair

Furtherfield are taking the Shareable Readymades to London Art Fair this week, they’re for sale for Bitcoin and GBP. Who’d like a solid gold urinal?

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Minara 0.4.0

I’ve been making the regular (accidentally) six-yearly update to Minara, my vector graphics program. The new version switches from GLUT to Gtk for the windowing system, from GLU to Cairo for the renderer, and from C to pure Scheme for

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Blog Edit Disclosure

I’ve run a script on the database of this blog that corrected some spellings, changed all <br /> tags to have just one space in, fixed some urls and changed references to http(s):// to I’m going to edit some

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