Blockchain Aesthetics – Meshes



I’ve added some three.js renderings to Blockchain Aesthetics. You can show live or arbitrary hashes, in a variety of forms, and save them in 3D printable forms.

See here for blocks.

And here for transactions.

Source code here.

Shareable Readymades For Bitcoin


Furtherfield present the Art Data Money special edition range of Shareable Readymades available to buy for Bitcoin or fiat currency (such as pounds sterling).

Supplied with Certificate of Inauthenticity, signed by the artist (me).

A DAOWO Reading List

Cover image by Martin Grandjean, 2014, Licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike.

Here’s some suggested reading around the concepts involved with DAOWO.


DIWO – Do It With Others: Resource – Furtherfield.

DIWO: Do It With Others – No Ecology without Social Ecology – Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett.


11 Best Reads For Learning About Decentralized Applications – Tom Kysar.

What Does it Take to Succeed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization? – William Mougayar.

Blockchain – Melanie Swan.

From Bitcoin To Burning Man And Beyond – Ed. John H. Clippinger & David Bollier.

Bitcoin And Philosophy (Book coming soon.) – Nick Land.

Money Lab Reader – Ed. Geert Lovink, Nathaniel Tkacz &Patricia de Vries.

Decentralized Applications (Coming soon.) – Siraj Raval.

Much soul, very emotion: Why I buy into the cult of Dogecoin – Brett Scott.

Conceptual Art, Cryptocurrency And Beyond – Me.

The ABC of Accelerationist Blockchain Critique – Me.

My Little Penny – Bitcoin Is Magic – Me.

Three.js Glitches

I’m learning the three.js JavaScript 3D Graphics library. One of the projects I’m going to apply this to is Blockchain Aesthetics. Here are some of the more aesthetic failures and successes so far at visualising Bitcoin transaction hashes.


Cover image by Martin Grandjean, 2014, Licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike.

Furtherfield have created a beautifully designed pamphlet of a whitepaper that I wrote for them about combining cryptoculture with participatory art shows.

DAOWO – DAO it With Others

DIWO (Do It With Others) is a distributed campaign for emancipatory, networked art practices instigated by Furtherfield in 2006.

A DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization, effectively a corporation or a charitable trust implemented in networked computer code.

Both are decentralised. A DAO has no single point of failure on the network, existing on the blockchain. A DIWO event is organised online and open to participants worldwide.

Both are an application of network technology to social organization. A DAO implements a corporation, charity, club or co­operative. A DIWO event organizes artists, curators and writers to produce and exhibit work together.

Both are rule driven and participatory. A DAO consists of trustless, incorruptible code that serves the interests of its members or clients. A DIWO event is a themed open call for artworks.

Both are ways of managing scarce resources. A DAO manages resources such as a cryptocurrency token or the lock on a door. A DIWO event allocates the productive efforts and attention of an audience and the display space of a gallery.

A DAOWO would be a combination of the two ­ Decentralised Autonomous Organization With Others.

For the full download, see the link that says “Download the full paper here“.

Art Data Money

title: Art Data Money


Art Data Money is Furtherfield‘s new programme of art shows, lab events and debates.

“Art Data Money aims to build a commons for arts in the network age, and invites people to join us and discover new ways for cryptocurrencies and big data to benefit us all.”

I’ve art and writing in the programme, which brings together some of the themes I’ve been working on for the last few years. Take a look, download a manifesto, join the conversation and buy some re-de-enclosed 3D printed readymade art for Bitcoin.