Month: July 2015


I’ve been working on something inspired by Orphan Drift/CCRU‘s hyperstitional mythology for a while. Autoloa (named for but not patterned after the Vodoun spirits that entered cyberculture via William Gibson) generates small pantheons of possible spirits. It’s working but very


Word2Vec is a word vector system that has received attention for the way that mathematical operations on the vectors it generates give meaningful results. To take an example from an article on Word2Vec: vec(“king”) – vec(“man”) + vec(“woman”) =~ vec(“queen”)

Distance Over Time

To #accelerate creativity, look at historical precedents. The creative games and systems of Surrealism and the OULIPO provide ways of breaking out of aesthetic constraints and finding new subjects or ways of working. “A Book Of Surrealist Games” provides a

Trying Jekyll

This is the shiny new Jekyll-based version of the site. I’ve restored some of the older missing images, but unfortunately comments are not working yet.