Month: December 2014

Easier Dogecode

I’ve added a Dogecode runner that uses‘s API rather than requiring a local dogepartyd instance to be running. You can get the runner as part of the Dogecode source code here: And you use it like this: dcrunw


dcrun -u rpcuser -w rpcpassword DCvDS9g9VUZ94MSLbWi4zWRtxHrXeEctZ3 Hello World! Cryptographic asset tokens can represent all kinds of things. Including computer programs. Introducing…: Dogecode (There are several other projects called Dogecode. This isn’t them). Dogecode takes computer programs in the Brainfuck programming

Blockchain Aesthetics 2

Visualizing Bitcoin blockchain transactions – click on each image to run in your browser. Each hash as instructions for a turtle graphics pen: Life games with each hash as the starting board state: A Chernoff Face of each hash: Cellular

Essay Corpse – Accelerate Aesthetics

(This essay wouldn’t gel and I abandoned it. “XXXX…” means “do more here in the next writing or edit pass.” Do get “Speculative Aesthetics” and “Class Wargames”, they are both wonderful books.) Urbanomic’s “Speculative Aesthetics” is a freshly mined block


I have placed my soul on the blockchain, representing it as a cryptographic asset token. The MYSOUL token is on the Dogecoin blockchain as a Dogeparty asset: I’ve divided it up into 100 units. This is more efficient that