Month: September 2014

Art Is

Definitions (and similar) of art from Twitter via the Streaming API. Very much inspired by “We Feel Fine“. Code in the Streaming Aesthetics repos (see previous post).

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Streaming Aesthetics CLI 2

Running counts of art-related terms and names from Twitter’s firehose Streaming API displayed in an (oversized) command-line console. Code here (in the streaming_aesthetics_cli directory)):

Streaming Aesthetics CLI

Running totals of various terms matched in Twitter via the streaming API. A cultural analytics/telemetry dashboard. Kinda.

CAD – HDP Topics Of Press Releases

Topics chosen from press releases on the Contemporary Art Daily blog using gensim’s Hierarchical Dirichlet Process model: exhibition, work, art, works, new, artist, one, gallery, museum, also, paintings, link, time, space, like, painting, york, artists, first, show art, works, work,

Contemporary Art Daily Most Frequently Mentioned Named Entities

Named entities mentioned fifty or more times by press releases in the Contemporary Art Data blog dataset (NLTK): “John”,50 “Palais”,50 “Portikus”,50 “Fine Arts”,52 “Milan”,52 “Belgium”,53 “Venice Biennale”,53 “European”,55 “MoMA”,55 “Stedelijk Museum”,55 “America”,57 “Chinese”,57 “Rome”,59 “Japanese”,60 “Born”,62 “Kunsthalle Basel”,62 “Tate Modern”,63

Facecoin at The New Sublime

(Image copyright @shardcore) Facecoin is being shown in the show The New Sublime at The Phoenix Gallery in Brighton from September 6th-28th 2014. You can read about Facecoin at The New Sublime here. It’s in some amazing company in the show,

Simple Word Frequency in Contemporary Art Daily Press Releases

A simple word frequency count of press releases on Contemporary Art Daily (note split city names): art:4511 exhibition:4422 work:4160 works:3906 new:3659 artist:3073 one:2195 gallery:2156 museum:1901 paintings:1898 link:1875 also:1765 space:1671 painting:1666 time:1521 like:1493 york:1462 first:1390 artists:1307 show:1282 objects:1230 solo:1222 two:1193 series:1179

Topics From Press Releases On Contemporary Art Daily

TF-IDF of 25 topics extracted using LDA on press release texts from Contemporary Art Daily: york, works, work, two, surface, space, solo, show, ribbeck, present, paper, paintings, painting, ortman, one, oehlen, new, manders, made, link, life, gallery, forms, form, first,