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“”The Cypherfunks” is a network of musicians working individually & together to make music under the same name. A cryptocurrency [FUNK] acts as “stock” in the band.

Both the currency & band are completely decentralized. It is a grand experiment in permission-less, internet scale innovation in music, collaboration, and technology.”

“monegraph helps anyone verify that a digital artwork is an original, exactly as created by the artist.

monegraph encourages a vibrant market around the sale and exchange of digital art.

monegraph uses the same technology as Bitcoin to let anyone participate in the digital art market.”

The Ephemeral Artcoin (EA) is a platform designed to spark the creation of qualitative new works of non-commercial art in the post-bitcoin digital economy.

“Fine art meets bitcoin cold storage in Troy Fearow’s “labour of love”, CryptoArt, a project that took the fine art dealer 8 months to construct and launch.

Troy searches for and commissions high level artists, starting with Alexander Fedosov of the Ukraine, to produce fine art paper wallets in limited editions. These prints are meant for bitcoiners who wish to store their bitcoin safely and show them off in a beautiful way.”

“Cheers is an app that allows you to tip (or “Cheer”) any musician or band in the world using Bitcoin. You can Cheer any song or band, whether it’s your all-time favorite, or just a song that you loved on the radio that you’ve never heard before. See what your friends are Cheering, discover new music and reward them for finding it.”