Month: December 2013

How paintr Works

paintr came to me very quickly just before my show in Belgrade in 2005. Originally intended as an artistic web service, it ended up as “art for the age of web services”. The original went offline when I switched web

How draw-something Works

The version of draw-something on tumblr is a simple model of creative drawing. It’s meant to be a minimally defensible model of art, although probably a pre-postmodern art. The program generates some random points (between 4 and 20, as these

draw-something Rebooted

A new old version of draw-something is now online. You can see it (and follow it on tumblr!) here: draw-something started as a Prolog program called “Got To Start Somewhere”, which described both its algorithm and how I was

paintr Rebooted

I’ve updated paintr for the 2010s. It’s now implemented in node.js running on OpenShift and posting to tumblr. paintr’s new address is . The images are inline svg, which displays well on the main page and in the individual


I was at Free?! ( as a speaker. The first part of the day was the brunch club: We gathered around tables to discuss various free culture-related topics and write notes on the tablecloths. These were later hung in