Daily 05/30/2013

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Violence against men (by both men and women) is a recognised issue and if an interesting link about it came up I would use it. The facebook and free software links are interesting (to me) because of how they combine technology and social issues. Tesla was a genius (I’ve visited the Tesla museum in Belgrade, it has some amazing stuff) but also an eccentric, appealing to his authority on marriage is misplaced.

I visited the Tesla museum in Smiljan. Perhaps our journeys will give other cause to go visit them too, and while I will agree he was an eccentric, he was brilliant. Violence against any, by any, should be questioned. Since we are both concerned with WEEV, (you did post a link about him on your twitter). I was recently listening to a user called stardusk on youtube who just had an interview with Paul Elam of avfm.­riors-digital-wasteland From freeweev, to assange, aaron swartz, to bradley manning, to kevin mitnick, to max hardcore (paul f. little), why does this NAZI power of the state, to lock up all kinds of MEN, without even a TRIAL, never seem to be used on Women? Can people point me to high profile women locked up for YEARS without even a trial? Why does it seem to always be men getting locked up without a trial? Huh?

Rob, there was martha stewart, but she got a pretty quick trial and only did a few months. I am mostly exposed to USA news, but I am curious, worldwide, if there are many women being held in prison live weev or mitnick who are viewed as huge enemies of the state, and wait YEARS before they even receive trial, certainly there has to be more than I am hearing about on democracynow or cspan. Thanks for all your efforts.

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