Daily 05/30/2013

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Daily 05/29/2013

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Daily 05/28/2013

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If You Can Get To Buffalo

Image from CityPaper, © 2013

There’s a play on in Baltimore this week by Trish Harnetiaux called “If You Can Get To Buffalo” about Julian Dibbell’s 1990s Village Voice LambdaMOO article, “A Rape in Cyberspace”:


You can read reviews here:



There’s an interview with the playwright here:


And the theatre company’s page about the production is here:


This isn’t the first dramatic presentation of LambdaMOO, another example is this short film scripted from chat logs:


Dibbell’s article was expanded into a book. It is a sometimes salacious but ultimately insightful examination of life on the MOO. You can read it here:


A more comprehensive insight into the operation, history and geography of LambaMOO is “Yib’s Guide To MOOing”, available here:


And a more ethnographic study of MOOing with lots of interesting historical and cultural details is Lynne Cherny’s “Conversation and Community: Chat in a Virtual World”, which you’ll have to buy a copy of:


LambdaMOO is still here and is well worth exploring. You can install a Telnet client on your computer or mobile device (there’s one already on MacOS X) and telnet to:

lambda.moo.mud.org 8888

Composition Generators Are Back

I’ve restored the composition generators. You can find them here:


You can use them online, download the code, or download PDF books containing examples of the output of each generator.



Free Software Oculus Rift Driver in Chromium

With a nightly build of Chromium and experimental code from vr.js you can run a free software JavaScript/WebGL Oculus Rift environment on GNU//Linux:


The demo allows you to look around the inside of a cube, which reads as a room. It’s fun, and an exciting step for the Rift and Free Software.