Month: May 2013

Daily 05/30/2013

Decommissioned Sea Fort Reborn as Luxury Island Retreat | “While the reimagined Spitbank Fort features ultra-modern fixtures and decor elements, its jaw-dropping design schemes incorporate much of the original structure, including rugged exposed brick and armor-plated walls.” tags: seafort

Daily 05/29/2013

Survivorship bias: why 90% of the advice about writing is bullshit right now | Tobias Buckell Online “the self assured expertise of anecdotes drives me nuts” tags: ebooks marketing economics critique 2013 Internet Trends — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers “The

Daily 05/28/2013

ArtFacts API Artfacts API tags: art api data dataset artworld art-market market artfacts wtcss css rule application visualiser tags: css visualise debug rule Raspberry Pi Twitter Sentiment Server | “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” “The Raspberry

If You Can Get To Buffalo

Image from CityPaper, © 2013 There’s a play on in Baltimore this week by Trish Harnetiaux called “If You Can Get To Buffalo” about Julian Dibbell’s 1990s Village Voice LambdaMOO article, “A Rape in Cyberspace”: You can read reviews

Composition Generators Are Back

I’ve restored the composition generators. You can find them here: You can use them online, download the code, or download PDF books containing examples of the output of each generator. Enjoy!  

Free Software Oculus Rift Driver in Chromium

With a nightly build of Chromium and experimental code from vr.js you can run a free software JavaScript/WebGL Oculus Rift environment on GNU//Linux: The demo allows you to look around the inside of a cube, which reads as a room. It’s