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Post 2002

My 2000th post was Fair Use Wins In Richard Prince Decision , but I didn't notice at the time. Post 2001 was, fittingly enough, about Billy Idol’s “Cyberpunk” Promo Floppy . The first post on this blog, Hello World , was published just over ten years ago on April 15th 2003. So this is a double approximate anniversary. Blogging…
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Billy Idol’s “Cyberpunk” Promo Floppy

Billy Idols' 1993 concept album "Cyberpunk" (see Wikipedia) was ahead of its time in its production and promotion. It's the latter that I am interested in here. Idol gave out his email address, toured the online virtual reality communities of the day, and sent out a Macintosh floppy disk containing a multimedia introduction to the…
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Fair Use Wins In Richard Prince Decision

  Richard Prince's "Canal Zone" paintings have been found Fair Use. This doesn't mean a lot outside the US, where Fair Use tends not to apply, but it's still good news. See more here: And a more humorous take:  
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Oculus Rift Free Software Projects

Although the Oculus Rift SDK isn't itself free software, there are already a number of projects that use or replace it that are. Three.js includes an Oculus Rift demo: There's a class for using the Rift with the polular Ogre 3D environment: EOS3 is a virtual desktop environment: And so is…
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Oculus Rift SDK Free Software Re-Implementation

The proprietary Oculus Rift SDK doesn't yet support GNU/Linux. When it does so, it will still not be possible to use it as part of a free software system. A replacement free software SDK will need to be created. This requires two bits of information. Firstly, the projections required to map rendered imagery for use…
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Oculus Rift Free Software

My Oculus Rift developer kit arrived earlier this week. It's an impressive modern virtual reality stereo display headset. Less impressive is the fact that, as always happens, any talk of it being "Open Source" quickly evaporated once funding was secured. The Oculus software development kit contains source code but users are not free to use…
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Rainbow Urinals

Thanks to Art Fag City, some beautifully coloured Urinal prints from 3D Printer Experience in Chicago: This is exactly the kind of outcome of digital distribution that I was hoping for, and I love AFC, so I'm really happy to see these.
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I'm alive and very happy but incredibly busy. I have lots that I want to blog. Hopefully soon...
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