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I bought a Wacom Inkling pen. It digitizes what you draw as you draw it on paper so you can upload it to computer later. The software that manages uploading those drawings to computer is proprietary and not available for GNU/Linux.

Forunately someone created a C++ class to parse the “WPI” files that the Inkling creates. It’s under the GPLv3 so anyone can use and build on it. I changed the code slightly to compile on platforms other than Windows, then wrapped it up in a command-line tool that outputs simple SVG. Inkscape reads the results just fine. There are also scripts to batch convert and batch copy/convert drawings from the Inkling.

The project is called “merest”. I need to scale the pixel values and retain the original drawing’s information about pressure and angle in a future version of my code. This version is perfectly usable, and has an Autotools-based build system that makes installing as simple as running ./configure && make && sudo make install , so I am releasing it.

You can get the code here:

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