Month: November 2012

GNU/Linux Kobo Build Environment Setup

I’ve bought a Kobo Touch ebook reader device to hack on. This guide to setting up a build environment for the Kobo is good: The only change I’ve found you have to make to build the examples is to

MOO Memeing

@verb me:lick this none none @program me:lick if (this.location != player.location) lickfail = “You must be in the same location as %t to lick %[dpo].”; player:tell($string_utils:pronoun_sub(lickfail)); elseif (this == player) lick = “You lick yourself. Mmm! You taste just like

Connecting To LambdaMOO Persistently

It’s easy to connect to LambdaMOO whenever you wish from mobile devices or desktop computers, but you can miss out on what’s happening when you’re not online. If you have a desktop computer that you keep permanently online you can


I bought a Wacom Inkling pen. It digitizes what you draw as you draw it on paper so you can upload it to computer later. The software that manages uploading those drawings to computer is proprietary and not available for