Month: September 2012

Connecting To LambdaMOO With Editor Clients

Some more advanced MOO clients go beyond simply enabling you to connect to the MOO. They also support editing of the content of the MOO using their own interface rather than the MOO’s built-in facilities. This is often more convenient

Connecting To LambdaMOO From Desktop And Laptop Computers

LambdaMOO uses the Telnet protocol but modern operating systems don’t tend to include a Telnet client by default. Using a dedicated MOO client offers a much better experience, so we’ll concentrate on finding and installing one of those instead. GNU/Linux

Connecting To LambdaMOO From Tablets And Smartphones

You can connect to LambdaMOO from smart phones and tablets as easily as from desktop computers, if not more so. Then you can access the classic text-based virtual reality anywhere you have a wireless or cell network signal. To do