Month: April 2012

Not Now James, We’re Busy

This post does not include the phrase “frantic academic clopping”. James Bridle’s “Where The F**k Was I?” (2011) is a book containing 202 maps depicting his movements over the previous year. The maps were produced using OpenStreetMap (2004) to plot

MakerBot Replicator: What I Have Learnt So Far

Here’s what I’ve learnt about the practical side of using my MakerBot Replicator so far. If you have a dual extrusion system, make sure the two extrusion nozzles are exactly the same height when you first install them. You may

[email protected]s

I’m very pleased to announce that “Balloon Dog” is featuring in the online exhibition [email protected] at the Jeu de Paume’s virtual space: It’s in some amazing company. Take a look!

3D Printing

Finally taking my own advice, I’ve bought a MakerBot Replicator and I’m using it to print out my art. It takes about ten hours to print a Balloon Dog: The print quality is fascinating. It’s incredibly detailed and smooth, but


My Uploads project is getting there. Using a Kinect, a Mindwave, Python, and OpenFrameworks to create a DIY transhumanist realisation of Moravec-style personality uploads to the extent that affordable contemporary technology allows. This is a low-resolution record of my mind