Month: January 2012

Small Sensoria 3

Here's a finished board, with the LEDs that are used as senses attached to wires made more rigid with heat shrink (this hides the resistors as well). The peculiar colour cast of the image is due to a coloured light being on in the background.And here's a plot of the light levels detected by each…
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Small Sensoria 2

That's a Bluetooth wireless small sensorium. The code to support this is a bit hacky as rxtx doesn't seem to want to play with Bluetooth serial ports, but it works.The code is in the repository: I need to wired up the LEDs directly.Then a WiFi Arduino that could work with Thingspeak directly. And multiple sensoria…
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Small Sensoria 1

This is the test setup for "Small Sensoria". It is several LEDs being (mis-used) as light sensors connected to an Arduino. The USB cable connects them to a computer running a Processing sketch that renders the light intensities.The values can be plotted linearly:Or radially:Next I am going to make the Arduino unit more independent by…
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Projects From 2011

Urinal: Balloon Dog: Exploring Art Data: Art Open Data: The Colours In My Studio: Streaming Aesthetics (Shape): Send Values: Baldessarinator: Uploads: The R Cultural Analytics Library: Psychogeodata: Mona Lisa Of Disapproval: Reviews:
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2011 Links

Since last April I've been posting collections of links to Netbehaviour . These are links that I've found during my web browsing that are on the subject of art, technology and society. I try to arrange them to create associations or narratives wherever possible.I've written a script to convert a calendar year's worth of links…
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