Month: December 2011


At midninght tonight, the UK (and EU) copyright on James Joyce’s Ulysses expires. (It’s already in the public domain in the US. So in just a few hours it will be legal to download this file and load it in

Art Open Data – Government Art Collection Dataset

I have written a script to download a dataset containing collection information from the UK Government Art Collection site and save it in tab-seperated-value files and an sqlite database for easy access. As the data is from a UK government

The Mona Lisa Of Disapproval

Psychogeodata (3/3)

The examples of Psychogeodata given so far have used properties of the geodata graph and of street names to guide generation of Dérive. There are many more ways that Psychogeodata can be processed, some as simple as those already discussed,

Psychogeodata (2/3)

Geodata represents maps as graphs of nodes joined by edges (…as points joined by lines). This is a convenient representation for processing by computer software. Other data can be represented in this way, including words and their relationships. We can

Psychogeodata (1/3)

tl;dr Psychogeographic Geodata using OpenStreetMap in Python. Download here. Psychogeography is a set of techniques for defamiliarizing the landscape, particularly the urban landscape. It is a way of resisting and critiquing the historically, culturally and politically imposed reality of the

A Balloon Dog Print

Here’s a picture of the Balloon Dog printed on a Makerbot: I love the “nose”. Thanks Lunpa!

Source Code

The part of my review of “White Heat Cold Logic” that seems to have caught people’s attention is: “for preservation, criticism and artistic progress (and I do mean progress) it is vital that as much code as possible is found