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The R Cultural Analytics Library

I have gathered together much of the code from my series of posts on Exploring Art Data as a library for the R programming language which is now available as a package on R-Forge:

I will be adding more code to the library over time. It’s very easy to install, just enter the following into an R session:

install.packages("CulturalAnalytics", repos="")

The library includes code for ImagePlot-style image scatter plots, colour histograms and colour clouds and other useful functions. The examples in the documentation should help new users to get started quickly.

R is the lingua franca for statistical computing, and I believe that it’s important for art and digital humanities computing to avail itself of its power.

3 replies on “The R Cultural Analytics Library”

Thanks for making this available! Loads of fun.
For the record, on my Mac which has a pretty basic R package, I had to install plyr and EBImage, the latter of which also required ImageMagick which I installed via macports. Fortunately that’s all pretty easy with, though I did have to get the source for EBImage since the binary complains about not supporting v 2.14 of R.

Thank you for trying out the code!
EBIMage’s reliance on ImageMagick does make the library harder to install than it could be. I’m going to remove the dependency and replace it with Raster, which seems easier to install.

The latest version (1.0.5) now uses raster images rather than EBImages.

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