Forepaw: One Step Forward….

IMG_20110914_213645.jpgI’ve finished the armature (hand sewn as I don’t have a sewing machine), added a connector so the display can be removed from the main circuit, and boxed up the main circuit.

There have been two problems so far:

  1. The vibration motors really upset the compass module. So the code now turns them off before taking a compass reading. This means that the motors now pulse a couple of times a second. If it was an intentional part of the design it would be quite good
  2. There’s a problem with the circuit. The first and last motors on the display intermittently get low power and so don’t run. I’m investigating that at the moment (you can see the multimeter probes at the edge of the picture) and hope to have it fixed shortly.

Once I’ve fixed the second problem it’s ready to go…