Month: September 2011

Free Licencing For Art

Free Culture is primarily a synonym for free speech. In art, free speech is generally referred to as free expression. Artists face limits on their freedom of expression from various laws that limit their freedom to depict the visual environment, notably copyright law and trademark law. A successful strategy for tackling the restrictions of copyright…
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Baldessarinator Produces modified versions of images resembling part of an ouvre. You'll need opencv-python installed for this. PIL should already be installed. [Original image by Tommerton2010 CC-BY https:[email protected]/5388143519/ ]
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Collaboration and Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art

A collection of artworks, texts and resources about freedom and openness in the arts, in the age of the Internet. Freedom to collaborate - to use, modify and redistribute ideas, artworks, experiences, media and tools. Openness to the ideas and contributions of others, and new ways of organising and making decisions together. This non exhaustive…
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ImagePlot and properties-plot.r

ImagePlot is out:'s a JImage macro that plots visualizations of image statistics using the images themselves. It's very cool, do take a look. As well as the complete software under the GPL (but version 2 only???) it has sample data, and essays explaining the project. There are some great examples of visualizations created using the…
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Forepaw: One Step Forward….

I've finished the armature (hand sewn as I don't have a sewing machine), added a connector so the display can be removed from the main circuit, and boxed up the main circuit.There have been two problems so far:The vibration motors really upset the compass module. So the code now turns them off before taking a…
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DDOS, Aesthetics, Speech

Distributed Denial Of Service attacks have a form. They have a political form, and they have a spatial form. The latter is the network topography of the attacks. At present the spatial form (and its properties) are incidental, but it is possible to make them part of the political message. This could make the form…
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SendValues is a network testing tool that sends mathematical, aesthetic and textual values using the properties of rather than the contents of network messages.You can get the source code here: a stand-alone command-line version and an IRC-client version are included.SendValues uses a naive pulse-width-modulation scheme for encoding values. Any improvements to the code gratefully…
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The Mind Is Obsolete

The mind senses, learns, feels, communicates. But software supplants the capabilites of mind. GPS is a super-human sense, Wikipedia and stackoverflow are knowledge, Facebook and are affect, Twitter and tumblr are communication.The mind is obsolete.
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Humanity Is A Skeuomorph

Skeuomorphs are ornamental design elements that retain the structure of their functional precursors: are two senses in which humanity is a skeuomorph.The first is that the quality of humanity, of being human, is irrelevant to social networking and its streams. Attaching human concepts and identities to streams is skeuomorphic, and Real Names policies only underline…
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