Month: April 2011


The FTP archives and homepages of the 1990s may be gone but some of the best known MU*s are still there. You can connect from the command line using Telnet. LambdaMoo: telnet 8888 MediaMoo: telnet 8888 FurryMUCK: telnet


Evie Matthieson died last night. She was an excellent cultural person, my ex partner, and the kids’ mum. I had spoken to her on the phone earlier in the evening. I’m glad I got to chat with her, even if

Logging Colours To ThingSpeak

ThingSpeak is a Free Software-based web service for publishing (geolocated) data. This makes it better than proprietary services for publishing data. Using it is very easy, as this tutorial demonstrates. here’s some code I’ve written in the Python programming language

The Urinal Is In A Show

The Urinal project is being presented as part of a collection called: Free Yourself? Curated by Furtherfield, in: International Art in Village HallsPenryn Town HallCornwallPrivate View: Friday April 15th 6.30pm – 8.30pm

An Aesthetics Of Disappearance

I stumbled over this anti-face-recognition project again and, post-“world’s ugliest t-shirt” from “Zero History” I enjoyed it even more: This technique can work in reverse, causing false positives and misdirected automated actions:

Exploring Art Data – The Plan

I’ve been very, very busy recently and I haven’t had time to work on the “Exploring Art Data” series of blog posts. I will get back to them. First I will finish the Graves Art Sales exploration. Then I will

You Can Find Papers That Argue Anything On The Internet

…as any idiot can tell you. But these ones are interesting: LSE economists: file sharing isn’t killing music industry, but copyright enforcement will U.S. Paper Says No Decline in New Music In Napster Age Natural and intrinsic motivations will cause