Quantitative Aesthetics – Films Are Getting Worse


“If you look at the movies coming out of Hollywood these days, it
seems obvious that they’re getting worse. Cynics have gone as far as to
proclaim the death of storytelling.

Movie studios, they say, are taking the easy way out: recycling old ideas that are a sure bet to attract audiences, regardless of quality. Comic book sequels for the geeks. Twilight adaptations for the teenage girls.

We process a lot of movie data here at, so we wondered whether this trend would be observable.

We looked at the 20 most popular movies each year, for the past 20 years.
The key, we think, is to look for movies that some love and some hate,
which is the likely profile of a bad movie that’s “safely” manufactured
for an existing fanbase. In other words, movies that are polarizing.”