Free Culture

Freedom Porn

Some time ago I mentioned Sharing is Sexy, a Free Culture porn project. The site seems to be offline unfortunately ( has a cache). But now there’s a new Free Culture Porn site, :

Introducing,, the world’s first ever free-as-in-freedom porn site, comprised of entirely free cultural works
in free formats, both Ogg Theora and WebM. Freedom Porn (FP) is a
participatory resource for ethical smut, promoting our favorite ideals,
and running on donations. From the about page:

The mission of Freedom Porn is to
empower and engage individuals to create and share ethical porn as a
means of advancing sex-positivism and sexual freedom.

We advocate safer sex and consensual sex, and feminism is inseparable
from our mission. We also fight for freedom of speech, privacy,
and free culture.

Sounds good. I’m glad that the project has a specifically feminist element and that it’s using free video formats. That last sentence shouldn’t read as strangely as it does.