Month: October 2010

Paying For Teh Frees. How’s That Working Out?

Five years and several Wiki restores ago I wrote a sketch of an article called “How To Get Paid For Copyleft Art“. My opinion at the time was that cultural projects (or artistic careers) could be structured to make money

Free Agriculture

The specific mechanism Michaels goes on to propose is a “General Public License for Plant Germplasm (GPLPG)” that is explicitly modeled on the GPL developed by the FOSS movement for software. (Via mp)

Freedom Porn

Some time ago I mentioned Sharing is Sexy, a Free Culture porn project. The site seems to be offline unfortunately ( has a cache). But now there’s a new Free Culture Porn site, : Introducing,, the world’s first

A GUI For draw-something

I’ve written a Gtk+ user interface for draw-something to help evaluate its output. You’ll need the git repository for draw something, and cl-gtk2 installed: sbcl(asdf:oos ‘asdf:load-op :asdf-install)(asdf-install:install :cl-gtk2-gtk)(asdf-install:install :cl-gtk2-cairo) git clone Then you can run the gtk.lisp script in

From The Archives

This is probably the genesis of The Cybernetic Artworld – Wonder if I can find the code in my archives…

Organization, Man

This blog is over seven years old. Some of the best writing on it, posts that I refer people to and that I refer to myself even now, dates back five years or more. A blog isn’t the best format