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Zola Jesus – Stridulum 2

Cathedralic, filmic, operatic synth-backed (not in the cliched 80s revival sense, but in a more interesting unusual noise sense) modern goth. Already transcending the genre, and in doing so moving it on. There are no such thing as goth bands, only goth fans.

Pretentious, Moi? – Pretentious, Moi?

Pastiche eclipses parody in this enjoyably over-ripe meditation on 90s goth. A guilty pleasure, not to be listened to unironically.

Underworld – Barking

Underworld cash in dance music’s debt to them, helped by a variety of guest producers, with their best new album in ages. Just ignore the godawful last track.

Factory Floor – A Wooden Box/Lying

Like Zola Jesus Factory Floor have both a strong music-historical literacy and a desire to break out of that cage through experimentation. There’s no point in repeating cultural experiments, even when that experiment is “Floorshow”, but again there’s great promise and immediate rewards here.

Ulterior – Kempers Heads

Drum-machine backed rock that’s aware it’s 30 years since the first Dr. Rhythm and that you really need to sound like you’re on a stage rather than in a bedroom. Psychedelic in its hypnotic, driving beats and rhythms. Goes great back to back with Factory Floor (and vice versa).

Interpol – Interpol

Do you remember Interpol? Interpol do, and they sound just like them here. It’s the sound of the end of something, but no less enjoyable for it.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Now That’s What I Call Steampunk Volume 1

Steam? Check. Punk? Check. A comic but nonetheless critical take on applying class consciousness to victorian science fiction. They lose one punk point for being able to play their instruments and gain one steam point for the first wax cylinder release of popular music in a century.

4 replies on “New Music”

Albums I’d classify as the purest of ‘Goth’
1) “Phantasmagoria” by The Damned
2) “Within the Realm of a Dying Sun” by Dead Can Dance

But, what REALLY mystifies me is why you haven’t presented your recommendations as a series of weeny little ‘play’ icons that allow your visitors to audition your recommendations – with links to download the full res FLAC versions.
I’m similarly mystified by the occasional e-mails I receive from indie record labels that try to sell me their latest and greatest artists, but are completely devoid of any means of introducing their art to my ears. I’m just completely dumbfounded (pun just noticed).

I assume people can Google the titles and obtain them using their favourite method. Mine is paying for a CD, although I’ve started buying vinyl again for after the apocalypse (or the revolution).
Yes if I can’t hear the music I won’t buy it. I take refusal to let me hear it as a tacit admission that it’s shit and I shouldn’t be buying it.

There must be an easier, more effective way to recommend music.
One should be able to type ‘music:’ and then the name of an album and some gizmo autocompletes it into a hyperlink (to streamed preview, download, and artist site). And free of course.

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