Month: September 2010

Sketchblog – Offline

A bit of a throwback to “1968”, although with nowhere to go at the moment. A warm-up exercise…

The Art (And Code, And Writing) Happens Here

Remember We Said No Future?

When I was a child, outdated visions of the future seemed comical. Now I think it’s having a vision of the future that would seem comical to a child. The future will be like the present only more so. This

Inhuman Aesthetics

Hubertus Bigend would love this. If we ignore the role of luck, making money by trading stocks and shares requires that you have good information and that you act on it quickly. Stock market trades are exploits, the use of

Quantitative Aesthetics

Seeing colours with an iPhone app: The quantitative aesthetics of an online t-shirt seller: Illustration Art on quantitative aesthetics: An objectively beautiful (sic) face identification grid, from the above article:

Links Quantitative Aesthetics: the most popular colours in the web’s brand logos. “I have just created a google group about hierohacking: the goal of this group will be to discuss applied neurotheology, see how we can “hack the sacred”,

New Music

Zola Jesus – Stridulum 2 Cathedralic, filmic, operatic synth-backed (not in the cliched 80s revival sense, but in a more interesting unusual noise sense) modern goth. Already transcending the genre, and in doing so moving it on. There are no

This Is It – Work In Progress

“This Is It” is currently at the five-finger-excercise stage.  These forms will lead to forms that do what I want, and then I will be able to work out what it was that I wanted to do. 😉