Month: June 2010

Streaming Aesthetics (Colour)

application.gnu_linux.tar.gz application.macosx.tar.gz Download the version for your operating system above, expand the archive, and run the application. You will need Java installed. OpenJDK is OK, that’s why it’s an application rather than an applet (Processing doesn’t work with the

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Work In Progress – Streaming Aesthetics

This is a visualization of common colour names as they appear in the main twitter stream – This is just a screenshot, I’ll show the live version when it’s finished. The colours are placeholders and (although you can’t see it)

Shooting The Messenger

There’s been another round of criticism on various blogs of the FSF’s media campaigns to draw people’s attention to the harm that not respecting software users freedom does. But the FSF’s campaigns explaining why Microsoft and Apple’s failure to respect

Techo Art Roundup

HOW TO: Connect an anemometer to the Internet: (I don’t like Pachube’s walled garden approach thought. We need a federated free equivalent, like StatusNet .) “Binary Code View”, an offline show in London: How exactly do you

Notes Towards Free Culture

Free jam: Theory book piracy: Crowdsourcing as wage saving and as workforce disempowerment: “Piracy has increased my book sales 700%”: A second-generation performance artist calls for copyright on performances so they can enclose the performance commons: